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by John Rose

Ketanji Court

Honoring Ketanji Brown Jackson in Eugene, Oregon

Some folks in Eugene were seeking a name for a new apartment complex in 2023.

Impressed with Ketanji Brown Jackson's testimony at the hearings for her Supreme Court appointment, they named the building in her honor!

Makes for a somewhat subtle political statement, not that that is so uncommon around here.

Not saying that Justice Jackson would leapfrog her fellow justices and lead the court, but I am a fan and can follow her and her fellow justices in fine detail thanks to the Strict Scrutiny podcast.

Hosts Leah Littman, Kate Shaw and Melissa Murray provide an appealing blend of actualities, sharp minds and snark...whoops, I mean a fast-moving conversation by fun individuals who are experts in their field.

Thanks to them, he'll always be Samuel A-Leak-O to me.