Florence: Buses in the historic center:
the C1/C2/C3/D lines

These are mini-bus lines serving the historic center. Individual stops are shown. They run every 10 minutes, and using them can be a great aid and can save time and energy.

There are four lines- the C1, C2, C3 and the D. We used the D line- shown in green- most often. It departs the train station, crosses the Arno, and runs through the neighborhoods there.

Also shown are the black-circle interscambio, interchange, lines for the various numbered lines of standard-size buses  that continue out of the center. Click here to see the ATAF city center minibus lines map shown below.

Map of the historic center lines C1/C2/C3/D

At the official Florence bus system ATAF site, to see individual lines on a scalable map, go to: plan your route, select lines, then choose a line. At the individual line’s page, go to Detailed route > Show route on Travel Planner. Click the magnifying glass for a scalable map of the line overlaid on the Florence area map. To see other lines, work your way back, or you can click cerca linee, search lines, and enter a line number, or use the menu bar at the top to go to orari e percorsi.

Available here is a map of the full Florence bus system. It may take a while to load.

This map can help you locate the ATAF customer assistance room and the bus lines available at the central Santa Maria Novella train station.

If you’re trying to get around Tuscany beyond Florence, you can try the travel planner.

8 thoughts on “Florence: Buses in the historic center:
the C1/C2/C3/D lines

  1. Bill Roh

    My wife and I will be visiting Florence for the first time.

    Is there a bus from our hotel (Degli Orfi) to the train station?

    Thank you.

    Any details will be appreciated.

    1. John Rose Post author

      Hello Bill,

      I’m guessing that your hotel is “degli Orafi” (the gold-workers) rather than “degli Orfi.”
      The easiest way to check on buses for this and any of your other travels around Florence and Tuscany is explained in another post of mine:
      Also, the following link should take you directly to the Google Transit page:
      So let’s try it out. I’ll click “Get Directions” and fill in Hotel degli Orafi, which, as I type it, gives an autofill option as “Albergo Hotel degli Orafi,” and destination “Stazione Santa Maria Novella.”
      There is the additional option of filling in a given day and hour. I’m just going to use what the program gets me, which is the current time and hour. The program may only accept a date and time a limited time into the future, but you can try this and also enter a day and time similar to when you would need the bus to see what shows up.
      I make sure that the bus icon is chosen (at the top) and click “Get Directions.”
      Depending on the day and time selected, you will get several routes, the first one being the one closest to the time you selected. Another route initiating a few minutes later might be preferable. You can click the options and view the route on the map. Be sure to distinguish how much of your path is on the bus, and how much is by foot- they’re different colors on the map.
      I’m seeing the #22, the #6, and the C2 and even the 23 as options, but all of these require a fair amount of walking. This will be on streets that may be disorienting (not on a perfect grid) and over cobblestones. Then there is the option to catch my favorite bus- it’s a smaller-sized city bus- the D bus. You can cqtch this right near your hotel. It travels across the river, this way and that, and then back across the river and finally to the station. Google Transit lists this as an 18 minute ride.
      If you are taking the D bus in from the station to the hotel, you may want to enter and observe the result carefully. I believe it recommends getting off the D and then back on the next one traveling in the other direction to save your from going all the way around on the route- out to Piazza Ferucci and then back. This is easier to see on the map on Google Transit than it is to describe.
      Also, to see the “D” route from the station to the hotel, you may have to go to where it says “Prefer” and choose from window #2 “less walking.”
      So…yes, you can catch the D bus from very near the Albergo degli Orafi to the station, and the D has its own parking place separate from the bus bays and right at the south entrance into the station.
      If traveling from the station, you can get your first bus tickets at the news stand in the station. There is a small savings on buying a carnet or packet of 10 should you know that you will be using transportation a lot. Away from the station, you are never far fram a Tabacchi marked by the sign of the letter “T” where you can buy tickets.
      Lots of people go to Florence (Firenze) and walk everywhere. I love the buses and figuring them out, and we conserve a lot of energy using them. You can look up the routes of the small jitney size A, B, C, and D buses. Especially useful is the D route. Also, the #7 gets you up the hill to Fiesole. From there, you can catch a bus down, or walk down (it is almost all downhill, after all), where it is handy to have a ticket and to catch another bus once you’ve hit the level ground.
      Hope this is clear. Write back if you have other questions, and have a great time!

  2. Blanche

    My family and I are catching a train to florence tonight we are due there after 9pm, and have been advised to catch a C2
    Can you please advise if bus service still operates at this time of night?
    And do we buy tickets from tobacconist, as we have in Rome?
    Thank you

    1. John Rose Post author

      Hello- It looks like the C2 stops running just before your arrival- perhaps the link below will give you better information.
      I am home in Oregon, so perhaps the time zone is such that you have already arrived. I advise taking a cab. This should make your arrival much easier. The C2 and D and other buses are a rather fun way to get around.
      Have a great trip! I sure love Firenze.
      Best wishes,


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