Basic planning for Florence and nearby

To maximize any short stay in Florence, consult the many fine guidebooks. I list some useful web guides and we look at official tourist pages for Florence and Tuscany.

General information:

A fantastic rundown of the coming month’s events is at the Pitcher & Flaccomio newsletter. The newsletter comes out at the beginning of the month and covers the coming month’s events- street events and otherwise.  A back issue of any given month may list festivals and fairs, in or out of town, that are likely to re-occur when you visit.

More current information is available in the English-language publication The Florentine.

Following is a list of the main sites that I link to in these posts. There may be a bit of selling going on  but the information is useful:

APT, the official tourism board of Florence

Here is the English language version of APT (agenzia per il turismo Firenze), the official Tourism Board of Florence.

There is plenty to look through; I’ll highlight the utilitarian Useful Information page.

For travels in the area, there is the Visit Tuscany website.

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