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Florence: Buses in the historic center:
the C1/C2/C3/D lines

These are mini-bus lines serving the historic center. Individual stops are shown. They run every 10 minutes, and using them can be a great aid and can save time and energy.

There are four lines- the C1, C2, C3 and the D. We used the D line- shown in green- most often. It departs the train station, crosses the Arno, and runs through the neighborhoods there.

Also shown are the black-circle interscambio, interchange, lines for the various numbered lines of standard-size buses  that continue out of the center. Click here to see the ATAF city center minibus lines map shown below.

Map of the historic center lines C1/C2/C3/D

At the official Florence bus system ATAF site, to see individual lines on a scalable map, go to: plan your route, select lines, then choose a line. At the individual line’s page, go to Detailed route > Show route on Travel Planner. Click the magnifying glass for a scalable map of the line overlaid on the Florence area map. To see other lines, work your way back, or you can click cerca linee, search lines, and enter a line number, or use the menu bar at the top to go to orari e percorsi.

Available here is a map of the full Florence bus system. It may take a while to load.

This map can help you locate the ATAF customer assistance room and the bus lines available at the central Santa Maria Novella train station.

If you’re trying to get around Tuscany beyond Florence, you can try the travel planner.