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Regular studio hours re-commence!

Vacation’s over! I’m around if you want to call or text (541 342 6872), and I’ll begin regular studio hours (10:00 - 6:00) on Monday, the 29th.

More- Bowls, Vases, Lamps and…more…

  • Fused Glass Bowls

    These bowls are formed in a kiln. First, layers of glass are fused together, flat on a kiln shelf.

    To form the bowl, the cooled disk is place on a ceramic ring or between a set of rings and heated so that it slowly softens and drops through the opening.

    A bottom shelf is lined up with a peep hole so I can see the base settle onto the shelf. When cooled, I trim and finish the rim of the bowl.

    • A glass bowl


    • A glass bowl


    • A glass bowl


    • A glass bowl

      "Big Bang Bowl"

  • Vases

    The wineglasses page has details about working with glass lustres.

    I further experimented with lustres on vases, sometimes using the costly gold or silver-appearing platinum lustres, and sometimes applying them to a surface that first had a layer of white enamel applied.

    • A lustre-painted vase

      Uses the marblizing technique top and bottom, with colored lustre stripes applied over gold

    • A lustre-painted vase

      Mixing it up with colored lustres and stripes over gold

    • A lustre-painted vase

      This had gold and colored circles, with the over all pattern formed by dotting still-wet mother-of-pearl lustre with blue lustre

    • A lustre-painted vase

      This may be my first lustre-painted glass piece

    • A lustre-painted vase

      I first coated this vase with a white fired-on enamel. The lustres took an a different look with the white base.

    • A lustre-painted vase


      I have always found the sequence 1 - 4 - 9 (also the squares of 1, 2 and 3) pleasing and fascinating

    • A lustre painted vase

      "Nines" featured a sampler of colors-on-colors

  • Stained glass mask

    Stained glass mask


    One Halloween, I made myself a glass mask. It was attached to the adjustable innards of a hard hat for easy- but slightly hazardous- wearing

  • Lamps

    I have made a few lamps through the years.

    Blockhead Lamp received the top award at the 1981 Glass Art Society conference, awarded by none other than Komar and Melamid, artists who I greatly admire.

    • Blockhead Lamp

      Blockhead Lamp

      Title: "I think; therefore, I'm confused"

    • Blockhead lamp detail

      Blockhead Lamp detail

    • stained glass lamp

    • Stained glass lamp model

      This was the model for the previous lamp, but, at the time, situating a socket and bulb properly was a problem

    • A fused glass lamp

      I used my bowl-making techniques to create this lamp, fitted to an existing base

    • The lamp

      A center-of-room chandelier

      This lamp is inspired by the work of Greene & Greene, famous for their Gamble house in Pasadena, California


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