My typical frames are made from aluminum which I treat to have a pewter-like finish, and hangers are included. I usually use s-hooks, though these can be removed quite easily if one wants to use the hangers only.

See the example below.

I have also written a short guide to hanging a stained glass panel.

A framed panel

A small glass panel with an aluminum frame

Close up of hooks

Hooks attached to a frame—s-hooks make hanging and taking down easy

Items For Sale

stained glass with gingko motif

Gingko panel

Gingko Leaves

25-3/8" wide x 8-9/16" tall (framed)

This motif is derived from the beautiful Greene & Greene windows in the Gamble house in Pasadena, California.

It features a mottled background of granite catspaw glass, a classic pattern from Kokomo Opalescent Glass in Kokomo, Indiana.

Small gingko panel

Small Gingko Panel

Ginkgo Leaves: Small Panel

9-1/8" wide x 8-3/4"tall (framed)

This is a small model for the larger panel.

A panel featuring etched glass

Panel with textured, etched and dichroic glass

Etched Glass Panel Sold

32-5/8"wide x 10-1/4" tall (framed)

This panel features a couple of patterned clear glass styles as the background, with central squares of etched glass and with circles of dichroic glass.

The dichroic glass reflects light as well as transmits it and so adds a colorful touch even at night.

The panel looks good hanging either horizontally or vertically.

Seed Pods

20-3/4" x 13-1/2" (framed)    

The light and bright colors in this panel are of cathedral glass and when in full sunlight the colors are beautifully cast onto surrounding surfaces.


7-1/2" wide x 9-1/2" tall (framed)

This small panel is a study for a larger commission. Featured are various clear glass textures and varied shades of green accented by small red berries.

Frank LLoyd Wright Study #1

22-1/4" wide x 14-5/8" tall (framed)

This panel is a fair-sized study for a much larger panel. It is based on a design of Frank Lloyd Wright; in fact, the client is a huge fan of old Frank.

A study for a larger panel

A study for a larger panel

Frank Lloyd Wright Study #2

15-1/8" wide x 15-1/8" tall (framed)

The same client mentioned above built an outdoor pavilion, and this panel is a study for that larger project.

Color and Line Study

20-1/4" wide x 22-1/4" tall (framed)
$100 Sale Price

This study was done for a client who wanted a rather dark panel to cut the sunlight that fell on a wall of paintings. The deep but colorful pieces were painted with fired-on paints.

These colors cast nicely onto surrounding surfaces when the glass is directly illuminated by the sun.


That’s all I have for now!