John Rose

Stained Glass:
All Kinds, and Mosaics and More

Star Wars characters lined up at the Hult Center Ticket Office

"Far have we come to see your fabulous glass."

Ticket Office (Fused Glass): Eugene, Oregon, USA, Earth, Milky Way (Orion Arm)

Regular studio hours re-commence!

Vacation’s over! I’m around if you want to call or text (541 342 6872), and I’ll begin regular studio hours (10:00 - 6:00) on Monday, the 29th.

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Email me at  
Mailing and Shipping Address:

John Rose

Rose Design Studios

1168 West 2nd Avenue

Eugene, Oregon 97402

541 342 6872

1168 West 2nd Avenue, Eugene, Oregon

Our Decemberists, and friends, song quote of the day:

Hetty Green
  Queen of supply-side bonhomie bone-drab
    You know what I mean

Colin Meloy · Calamity Song · from the Decemberists album The King is Dead

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